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At Mortgage Quest, we want to provide a service you'd be happy recommending to your friends and family. As experienced and independent mortgage advisers in Royston, we serve clients across the UK, providing impartial, quality advice on mortgages and financial products. We can help guide you through the whole process, and will keep you well-informed throughout.

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Find the right mortgage for you

Finding the right mortgage deal for you isn't easy. However, with the help of our mortgage advisors in Royston, we can ensure you find the right one for your circumstances. There are a few different types of mortgage, each with their own advantages and things to consider:




Fixed-rate mortgages

Depending on the financial climate, these are the most common type's of mortgage – with this type of mortgage you pay the same interest rate for the chosen term, regardless of interest rate changes elsewhere.

Whether a fixed-rate or variable-rate deal is best for you depends on a few factors. The most important things to consider are:

  • Whether you think your income will change
  • Whether you want to know exactly how much you'll pay each month
  • Whether you could cope if your monthly payments went up
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Variable rate mortgages

Variable rate means that the rate of interest you pay back on your mortgage is liable to change. Our mortgage advisers in Royston are here to help you find the right type of variable rate mortgage for you. Tracker mortgages and discount mortgages are the two main types of variable rate mortgages:



Tracker mortgages

This kind of mortgage tracks the Bank of England's Base Rate. For instance, if the Base Rate was 3.50% and the lenders rate is 2%, you'd pay 5.50%.

Discount mortgages

With this type of mortgage, you pay your lender's standard variable rate, with a fixed amount discounted. If your lender's standard rate was 4% and your mortgage came with a 1% discount, you'd pay 3%.


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Standard variable rate mortgages

Each lender can set this figure at what is chooses and it has no relationship to the Bank of England base rate.

Lenders can change their standard variable rate at any time. Certain factors influence these changes – for example, they could increase if it is thought that the Bank of England is changing the base rate in the near future.

Many people who have a standard variable mortgage have had their mortgages for over five years, if you are currently paying standard variable rate it is possible that you will be able to save money by remortgaging. Do you know what options you have?

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Offset mortgages

An offset mortgage is mortgage that also has a savings account linked to it with some of your savings held in this account. Rather than interest being earned on your savings in the traditional way, the balance in this account is used to offset against the mortgage amount. For example, if you had a mortgage balance of £100,000 and offset £20,000 in the linked savings account, you will only be charged interest on £80,000. The savings account could also be instant access to allow you to access your savings if you need to.

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Specialist mortgages

As mortgage advisers in Royston we have access to a range of specialist mortgages for all kinds of clients, enabling more people to get on the housing ladder than ever before.

Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor (JBSP)

JBSP mortgages are a type of mortgage where not all parties to the mortgage are the legal owners of the property. For instance, if there are two borrowers in this scenario, both will be liable for the mortgage but only one will be named on the title of the property.

These mortgages allow parents, guardians, friends or family to support would-be first time buyers with the affordability challenge of getting on the housing ladder.


Mortgage for a Concessionary purchase

A concessionary purchase is a term for a property that is bought for less than its market value.

Let's say that your parents own a property, and it is worth £250,000, but your parents want to sell it to you for a discounted price of £150,000. The surplus of £100,000 would then act as your deposit.

Your home (or property) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debts secured on it.


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